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Understanding the Features of Penn Fishing Reels

By John Andrews | Reels

One of the best-known companies to manufacture fishing tackles like rods and fishing reels is the Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company. Penn fishing reels has been producing top notch fishing reels that competes with their more expensive competitors.

The Penn Manufacturing Company is widely known by people who love to go fishing. They have more than 20 reel products that are widely known all over the world. When you’re one of those people who have the hobby of fishing, then you should definitely check out Penn fishing reels. Here are some of their most well-known products in the market today:

1. Torque Star Drag 

This one is made from aluminum spool that’s lightweight and has an instant anti-reverse bearing equipped with a silent back up ratchet. It’s main, and pioneer gear is made with stainless steel. It’s also equipped with Dura-Drag washers that will eliminate hesitation and Versa-Drag system with HT-100 washers. The speed system is quick shift 2, line capacity rings, and has a 7 shielded stainless steel bearings.

2. Fathom Level Wind 

This fishing reel has full metal side plates and body and 3 stainless steel 3 ball bearings. Its alloy main gear is marine-graded bronze and has a precision-machined pioneer gear stainless steel. It’s equipped with reversible harness lugs with 40 & 60 sizes and also an instant anti-reverse bearing for the silent back up ratchet. Plus, it also has a Versa-Drag system with HT-100 washers.

3. Defiance

This is made with graphite side plates and frame which gives it a lightweight feeling. Its aluminum spool is machined, anodized and forged to give its good feeling. It has a stainless steel frame rings prevents “frame flex” and also enhances the rigidity. It has line capacity rings and HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers. 

Penn Fishing Reels

The main gear is machine-cut marine grade bronze that also hardens the stainless steel pinion. Lastly, it has 4 shielded bearing systems that’s stainless steel.

4. Battle II Spinning Reel

Considered as one of the best fishing reel in the market today, the Battle II spinning reel has all the right features and technology that will help you with your fishing. It has full metal side plate, rotor, and body. It has 5+1 shielded ball bearings that’s stainless steel and HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers. It also has line capacity rings superliner spool, instant anti-reverse bearing. Lastly, it has heavy-duty aluminum bail wire.

These are the top 4 Penn fishing reel that has been made by the company. When you’re going to look for a fishing reel, make sure that you consider buying one of Penn’s products. This will ensure that you’re going to get a great quality from your money.

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