Vexilar SP100 SonarPhone with Transducer Pod Review

Vexilar SP100 SonarPhone with Transducer Pod

Vexilar SP100 SonarPhone with Transducer Pod 1

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Long gone are the days when you had to wander around the lake or the river for hours in search of the best fishing spot. Thanks to modern technology, you can conveniently isolate the best fishing schools and determine the type of utensils you have to take advantage of in order to capture as much as it’s possible.

Vexilar SP100 SonarPhone with Transducer Pod 2

Using fish finders has become a common practice for both beginner fishermen and professional ones. The reason is fairly self-explanatory – they can’t be bothered wasting time trying to find the fish when they can just see where it is and go for it.

Sure, it takes away some of the suspension but let’s be honest here – who likes coming back empty handed from a fishing trip? That’s something you wouldn’t have to go through if you take advantage of the Vexilar SP100 SonarPhone with Transducer Pod.

What's the unit for?

This is a fish finder which is battery charged and it is particularly highly portable. It comes with a Wi-Fi transmitter which will enable you to connect it with your mobile device, be it Android or iOS based. The company behind it has gone for the whole-house approach and it has included a range of different aspects which fishing enthusiasts are likely to take into consideration when they purchase a great unit.

The versatility of this particular sonar is what makes it highly requested, favored and much appreciated amongst semi-professionals and beginner fishermen. However, even though professionals could use it as well, it lacks some of the capabilities that you might expect in a high-end device. Then again, the price is also inconsiderable in comparison to the professional-graded sonars.

Vexilar SP100 SonarPhone with Transducer Pod 3

The unit is perfect for different types of fishing as it’s a cast-type one that you can use for kayak fishing, ice fishing, and boat fishing and on-shore undertakings. However, the truth is that it’s not as well suited for boat undertakings but more on that later.

Now, let’s go right ahead and have a look at some of the more serious characteristics that you want to pay attention to when shopping for a unit of the kind.

Product Features


When it comes to cast-type sonars, the power is one of the most important things that you need to account for. The more powerful the unit is, the quicker it would be capable of displaying the results on your mobile device. This particular one comes with a high power output and it is particularly recommended as it’s going to ensure increased effectiveness levels.

These devices are going to penetrate through thermocline and through different plants and weeds and get their readings from the depth. This one comes with 400 watts of power output on point to point and this is more than you’d normally require. This is the main reason for which we said that this is also suited for semi-professional undertakings.

The Screen Resolution:

Now, you can choose between a colored and a black and white display type when it comes to it. However, keep in mind that colored screens have become the standard against which quality is actually measured. This is due to the fact that they will be capable of producing images which are far more clear and sharper in comparison.

Of course, you have to understand that the size is also something which matters quite a lot. Larger screens are going to provide you with a wider surface area, hence ensuring better views.

With this in mind, you need to understand that this would depend on the type of mobile device that you use. This is not a sonar which has its own display – it will transmit the readings on your phone or tablet.

Vexilar SP100 SonarPhone with Transducer Pod 4

The Transducer:

The Vexilar SP100 SonarPhone with Transducer Pod comes with a transducer which has a transmit frequency set to 125 kHz. Additionally, the device is also activated as it comes in touch with water.

Vexilar SP100 SonarPhone with Transducer Pod 5

Now, in order to be able to understand the importance of this, the transducer has one main function – it is to project the images which are captured from the area which is beneath your boat or where the sonar is cast.

This happens through the emittance of a sonar beam which works best when the device is submerged. The beam is also quite important as it is going to determine the overall picture which is going to be identifiable.


This is a unit which is portable. In fact, this is one of its main traits. It is a cast-type fish finder and this is actually something very important. While they provide greater flexibility in comparison to certain mountable units, they are also less powerful and less performing.

However, this is also why they are not as expensive. This is what makes them a great option for people who are just starting to take advantage of technology of the kind and would like to test it out conveniently. This is also designated for kayak fishing enthusiasts or those of you who prefer fishing from the banks rather than going in with a bot.

The unit is not as good for boat fishing because it needs to be kept relatively immobile in order to provide accurate reading. However, it does allow to be trolled but very slowly unless you want to disrupt the picture.


All in all, this is a unit which manages to stack perfectly well with other ones of this category. This is a well-known manufacturer so quality is rather ensured. Of course, if you are looking for a heavy performing sonar, this is obviously not your choice.

However, if you want to get something for your kayak fishing trips, regardless of whether you are professional or not, this is a great option and it’s going to provide you with a tremendous amount of value, given the comparatively cheap price tag that it comes with.

This is the main reason for which it has been favored by quite a lot of different people.

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