When Do Crappie Spawn?

When Do Crappie Spawn

Crappie spawning season is the time when crappies lay eggs.

This is arguably the most exciting time of the year for crappie fishers. This is the time when anglers can get the most action, largely because crappie are in aggressive feasting mood and they will grab just about anything that looks like live bait. However, the question of most fishing enthusiasts is when do crappie spawn?

Springtime: The Crappie Spawning Season

What is the Crappie Spawning Season Like

Crappies start to spawn in spring time, which is the crappie spawning season of the year. This is their way of “coming back to life” after a long laid back lifestyle during the winter. Anglers believe that when the water temperature reaches somewhere between 56-62 degrees, that’s a sure sign that white crappies are starting or in the middle of spawning.

An important aspect of knowing when do crappie spawn is the difference between the start of spawning season for black and white crappies. Black crappies often start the breeding season when the water temperature hits 50-52 degrees. White crappies will start spawning when the water runs 56-59 degrees. So by the time white crappie start the process of spawning, black crappies are often already done.

Where Do Crappies Spawn in Lakes?

In trying to find where crappie spawn in lakes, remember that crappies love cover. During the crappie spawning season, you will find crappies in the shallows, along the banks, vegetation, piles of leaves or twigs, under man-made structures, or anything that provides them cover. Fish in these areas using any crappie fishing techniques like vertical jigging or cast and retrieve; just be careful not to get too close to the spawning crappie or you’ll spook them and they will scatter all over.

How Do Crappie Spawn?

Crappie in the Brush During Spawning SeasonIt’s also important for anglers to know how crappie spawn and how female and male crappies behave during the crappie spawning season. Females drop their eggs in a place they deem safe, and the male crappie fan out and guard the eggs. Once females drop all of their eggs, they will swim out of the nests and go someplace else, making them trickier to catch. On the other hand, males stay behind to guard the eggs. When the females leave, the males defend their eggs more than they feed. So the cause of their aggressive behaviors towards baits and lures is their drive to protect the eggs and not to feed.

Why is it so important to note how crappie spawn? This will tell you what kind of hooks and baits to use. During crappie spawning season, when male crappie bites the bait, they are just aiming to kill or wound it, not to eat it. So they will chomp once or twice and then spit it out. This raises the need to use a quick hook-set so your catch won’t have the chance to release the bait.


Knowing when do crappie spawn will give you a better idea on where to find these fish. This increases your chances of taking home a delicious treat for yourself and your family. Just remember to keep watch of the water temperature, remember to ask where do crappie spawn in lakes, and keep in mind how crappie spawn, and you’ll surely have a successful crappie fishing trip.

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