Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 7/8 Starter Package (Freshwater Fly Assortment) Review

By John Andrews | Rod and Reel Combo

Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 7/8 Starter Package (Freshwater Fly Assortment)

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS

Rating: 4.8/5







The first thing that a lot of people think of when they are told about fly fishing is the casting technique. However, in order to execute this specific casting technique properly, you need to have the right fishing set. This includes the rod, the reel as well as a great piece of line and appropriate flies, of course.

Daiwa Tatula-R100XS_2

But if you are a beginner,  after hours of searching and scouting, you’ve reached the point where you don’t know whether to buy something or not..

This is why we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with a comprehensive option – an entire starter package which has been handpicked by professionals and designated to ensure that everything is handled perfectly. It’s going to spare you quite a lot of time and effort.

What is it good for?

This is a starter package but it will do well for most intermediate and semi-experienced fly fishers as well. However, if you are an experienced fishermen, you might be looking for more specific solutions and you are already aware that they are not well suited for you.


With this in mind, the combo kit is perfectly ready to use. It comes with a rod, reel, tube and box and it’s rather affordable. It’s providing the buyer with a tremendous amount of value and this is something worth taking into account.

Now that we’ve covered this, let’s go ahead and have a look at the different components one by one.

Product Features

The Fishing Rod:

Obviously, the rod is the heart of fly fishing. This one comes with a length of 78 inches, which is about 6 and a half feet long. This is a rather short option in comparison, which also makes it rather stable and easier to use.

Also, the rod is quite flexible and it provides easy casting opportunities which is very convenient and reassuring. As for the specifics, it’s a medium action rod. This allows more control which is appropriate for a beginner.

It’s also worth noting that this is a 4-piece design, meaning that it’s easy to carry around and to store at the back at your trunk.

The Fishing Reel:


The reel is also quite convenient. It’s made out of aluminum and it’s going to provide you with serious dragging opportunities.

This is thanks to its large arbor design. It is preinstalled with the line and it has a convenient appeal as well. As a matter of fact, the entire rod looks particularly elegant, including the tube.

The Box:

​The box is rather extruded, resilient and waterproof. It fits well into different vest pockets and it’s definitely something worth taking into account. You will be allowed to easily store your flies and hooks here.


The Tube:

The tube is absolutely sleek. It features an inside pocket and a strap to hold all of the pieces and to ensure that they don’t scratch within it. This is something really convenient and it’s going to ensure the overall integrity of the rod.


All in all, the entire combo is particularly well rounded and there is hardly anything wrong with it.

It’s perfectly designated for beginners but if you are looking for a professional rod and reel, we suggest that you look somewhere else.

You won’t have to spend a significant amount of time researching and wandering between different options. This is something that you need to take into account.

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